Lions mane financial llc is a hard money lender and Note Investor

To Our Customers We are HardMoney2Go

We Offer:

Superior Service and Competitive Rates to our Customers.  

​We are Fast, Flexible and Competitive

We Choose to Deliver Service and do not Compete on Price Alone

We are a Rule D, 506B Sec Registered Investment Fund

Our trade name is HardMoney2Go

In less than two years of operations, the company has built a loan portfolio of $4.5M despite capital limitations

We typically have loan interest in Underwriting of $1.5-$2.0M

Our market territory can support a $20M loan portfolio with less than 5% market share

Our goal is to build a $100M loan portfolio 


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The home flipping industry is a $105 B industry.

Flipping profits are estimated at $9.9 Billion annually

There are over 100,000 active flippers

The hard money industry is estimated at $30 Billion in annual loans

Commercial banks often do not finance home flippers.  These customers are financed by special asset companies known as Hard Money Lenders

The Industry is extremely large and fragmented.  

The largest competitors make $50M in annual loans