​Lions Mane competes in the $30 billion (Loans) Hard Money Loan Industry. Hard Money consists of loans to investors who buy, renovate, and sell homes,  (e.g., “flipping”).•The company manages risk by maintaining strict controls in Underwriting loans.

Company has built a $8.0M loan portfolio by providing superior customer service.

The Hard Money Lending business has become very competitive, but Lions Mane is determined to compete on service more than purely loan rates. 

Company maintains conservative underwriting stand

​ards, detailed documentation and verification of all loans.

All loans are secured by 1st mortgages, with loans at 50%-70% of After Repair Value. ARV’s are substantiated by independent appraisals.

Borrowers provide 10%-20% down payments on the purchase and repair costs, and provide personal guarantees.

Loans made in markets with stable real estate prices (Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania).  Future expansion markets will be in similar markets with geographic proximity.

What We Do