Lions Mane Financial LLC is a Rule D Type 506b SEC registered fund.

We offer 3 year notes with 6 month early redemption option.  Rates as high as 8.5%

The company offers returns superior to most debt investments, up to 5X more than 3 year T Bills. (9/29/19) 

Meaningful interest checks every month, fixed returns not dependent upon the latest announcements by the Fed

Option to Accrue and Compound Interest

Ability to invest your IRA (401K, Roth) funds and accrue interest TAX FREE

Our promissory note holders earn a superior return with flexible terms.

Due to SEC regulations we are unable to take on new investors unless they are already known to us or are referred by a person or company that we already have an association with.

If Interested in investment, please fill out the brief questionnaire on the "Contact Us" page